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Adding a prefilled title

If you would like to help your associates when filling their forms, we provide a feature that will help to avoid repetition or mistakes with response titles, by using this, you can ensure every response based on the form you have created will have a prefilled title from then on.

NB: There is one option that allows you to use one of your form item names, applying this means the mobile app will not ask for the response name anymore. The response name is then based on the responses written when the form is being filled.
This will also ensure the response name popup will not appear when filing your forms in future.


This means you can simply write the name of the title for all of these forms or you can also add to your title (or replace the title with) tags that we have prepare for you.

These include:

  • Type form item name
  • Date
  • Time
  • Date & Time
  • Counter

Most of these options should be straight-forward, except for the first option.
Put simply, the final option “Type form item name” means you can type in the title of any of the form items you have prepared in the form you are working on. Then click on the item you wish to add. This will then be added to the response title.