A new update for the NestForms web-fill feature

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We hope you are keeping safe and well in this trying time and while you might not be able to go out depending on where you live, we might just be able to help you out with your form filling from the safety of your desk.

As you may have noticed, the NestForms webfill has been a little behind in terms of what you can do compared to the NestForms app, this meant that some of our web users were left feeling envious of their app using colleagues. 

Today we are happy to announce a brand new update in how you can enter your responses on the NestForms web version that is almost an exact replica of everything you can do in the app.

The main update to the web fill feature is due to the new VUE framework we are using and this means we can now manage more complex tasks via your browser.

Another reason this is good news, is that it finally means that several popular features already available in the app version of NestForms are now available in the web fill as well.

These include:

  • Custom DB
  • Signatures
  • Calculate
  • Audio recording
  • Support for skip logic within clonable sections 

This complete technical redesign also allows us to be ready for new future amendments to be added more quickly.

If you are entering data into the fill page, all the changes are automatically stored in your browser. So even if you forget to save the page, you will  be able to return back to the work you have started, but not finished.

We have also enabled a brand new option where you can open an already finished response in the builder and make more extensive changes when required.

Obviously, while you are using your mobile device, we still strongly recommend to use the native apps - they are faster and you can use the advantage of the offline data filling. But if you are on your laptop, web fill will do the exact same job.

We appreciate your feedback, so do let us know if these new features are useful for you.

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