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Many occupations involve staff having to work within tight deadlines that also involve long working hours. Accurate calculations and other forms of numerical data are often needed by organisations to assist in planning and decision making, with a view to reducing stress on both staff and business practices.     

Data exchange in business and industry requires that customers or clients can see numerical information or calculations as well as written information.  For example, when a builder is on site he may want to explain distances or perhaps the total area of individual rooms within a house.  On the same site a quantity surveyor will calculate quantities of materials required for a new building based on their figures. Accurate and often complex calculations as well as other numerical data must be obtained and passed onto architects or project management not just for planning but also for cost effectiveness.

NestForms has a diverse range of clients within many different sectors and depending on your business interests, whether it be in construction, catering or other field services, there is always a need for some form of calculation.  It could be the number of bricks needed per building, the number of croissants per table at a wedding venue or perhaps for stock control purposes in a supermarket.  Being able to make accurate calculations whether in quantities, measurements or any other numerical data will save you both time and expense.  For an administrator creating a mobile data form where numerical data needs to be collected on the ground, the ability to make calculations based on those figures means that decisions can be made quickly in management and strategic planning.  

Using a mobile survey app means that administrators can make up a form in which numerical data can be inserted where appropriate by responders on the ground in real time.  From this numerical data important or necessary calculations can be made by using the calculate component on the form.  

At NestForms a component that allows calculations is an important feature of the service we provide.  The Calculate component gives administrators the freedom to use mathematical functions you would find on a standard calculator.  When the Calculate component is used on the form, this means that the responder can simply focus on collecting numerical data.  The administrator can then decide what calculations need to be made from the results of the data, reducing errors and lessening the workload for responders on the ground.  Triggers can also be used allowing the administrator to see where parameters have been breached based on results received.       

For more information on how the various functions and operations work within the calculate component you can view our Calculate Component help page.

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