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Is my data secure?

Protection of your data is very important to us.
For that reason Nest Forms applies 256-bit SSL encryption to all forms of communication between your mobile users and your Nest Forms web account. You will notice that this is applied before you even login.
This is because we feel it is necessary that your data is kept both private and safe and we also provide daily backups of all data stored in your account.
Nest Forms has never had a data leak since our inception and we are also a member of the Data protection agency of Ireland as a registered data processor


How long is my data stored?

All data is available to you until you close the survey form associated with it.
If you are using any of the paid accounts and then downgrade to the free account, all your data will be stored on your behalf for the next 13 months unless manually removed by you. Afterwards any data that exceeds the free account quota will be removed.
As a final measure, If you want to remove your entire account, you can do this, and all associated data is deleted within 10 days of account closure.



Your data is kept in strict confidence, and is not and will never be shared with third parties for any commercial purposes.
Our system is monitored on a daily basis by Nest Forms employees only and nobody outside Nest Forms has access to our server platform.
We process daily backups of your data which is also encrypted.