Why use Skip Logic on your forms

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Surveys are being carried out in shopping centres, the workplace, training establishments, in hospitality and many other sectors.  Survey forms can often be lengthy and include unnecessary questions.  Other important information as regards to or elaborating on a specific question is often omitted.


Administrators who know how people react when faced with a series of questions can easily make the experience more efficient and user friendly by using Skip Logic in their forms.  Being able to bypass irrelevant questions hastens the survey time and improves the experience of the interviewee. In turn this can reflect on the professionalism of marketing companies or other organisations that are carrying out surveys or audits.


Skip Logic can be used on a form where a question requires the responder to make a choice.  The function can also be used to bypass unnecessary questions, perhaps even skipping a whole section within a form based on the answer to a previous question.  To increase efficiency, an administrator can build a customised route through questions presented on a survey or any other form.  There are many examples of where Skip Logic can be used on survey forms. 


A favourite example of ours, is to imagine If your question is to find out the respondents favourite Ice Cream, they need to have a choice! (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Pistachio, Mix)

If the respondent picks “mix”, this gives you the opportunity to ask a follow up question or skip other questions that may have been related to the other flavours.

For this example, If “Mix” was chosen, you can then ask for a detailed description of the “Mix” flavour of choice.

Alternatively, if “Pistachio” was chosen, you can ask a more specific follow up question like “Do you like any other types of Nut other than Pistachio?”.


Another example is if you have a question that requires the person to state whether they are “married” or “single”.  Based on the answer, a further question might require details of a spouse or alternatively move to the next question or section if the responder is not in a relationship.

A responder could be asked to provide an answer based on which mode of transport they used to travel to work.  The options might be “car, bus, bicycle or walking”.  These options present the administrator with the chance to ask follow up questions on how long it took to get to work by each mode of travel, bus routes used, travel alone or car share. 

At NestForms, Skip Logic is easily applied when using certain components within your form that allow you to ask key questions.  You can find more information by viewing the Skip Logic help page on the NestForms website.

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