GPS location now added in our latest update!

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NestForms can now offer you a useful new component within the form builder which will allow you to record the actual GPS location whenever you are using the App.

We believe this component will be very useful when you need an exact geolocation of an event for displaying results on the map or when you have an event where you will need to collect data in conjunction with the geolocation you are in.

As an example,

If you needed to register multiple restaurants in your City and needed to record the geolocations of all restaurants covered, you can prepare a frequent form and then create an event for each of the restaurants, in which you can then capture the required data, take some pictures and catch the GPS location.

In simplest terms, you can see the location of the restaurant that you visited via the location icon, but you can even go a step further, when you consider the possibility of what your data might tell you when you add in the extra dimension of location to your data.

What to expect, why it will be of use, who will benefit from its addition.

Please Note: The GPS component will catch actual coordinates after clicking on the catch button and the accuracy of this will depends on both the localisation options of your mobile device as well as your GPS / Network connectivity.

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