Android Kiosk mode is available now

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The NestForms Kiosk mode is perfect for capturing data within busy, high footfall locations or for targeting specific audiences. This could be within a business premises foyer or canteen, an entertainment event or maybe even student common rooms. The kiosk can be described as a temporary location housing a smart device in an area where an employee, student or member of the public can access the device through a self service type of arrangement.

Aside from completing questionnaires through a kiosk, a mobile device can also be passed around users for the completion of forms. For example, a workplace trainer may want to pass a device around a room to capture data from attendees. 

If you are using the NestForms app, the mobile device is set to your local language via your device settings and the components in the NestForms app display in this language also. 

However sometimes (especially in kiosk mode), it might be useful to display different forms in different languages.

It is now possible for the administrator to set the language for each form.

Kiosk or ‘Guided Access’ mode has been available within the iOS app for some time. 

We are now happy to announce that we have updated the Android app in “App Pinning mode” also.

By using the ‘App pinning’ or ‘Guided Access’ mode you can capture data instantly and efficiently from multiple users at specific locations. To learn more visit the Kiosk mode help page.

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