NestForms Celebrates our 10th Year Anniversary

The NestForms offline survey app celebrate 10 years

NestForms has been in the mobile forms business exactly 10 years to the day. Over the years we have been given the opportunity to work with different clients from all over the world and continue to develop our platform to suit their many business requirements.

The NestForms platform originally started out as an app based mobile collection service for Marketing agencies based in Ireland and has gradually grown into a mobile app for clients in all walks of life.

During the last decade we have created many additional features and modules that have been requested by our clients.

Some of the features we have introduced include Skip logic which improves the flow of your survey and Custom DB for prefilling response data into your forms.

You can customise PDFs to suit your requirements including branding. Other features include providing for email Triggers within your responses.

The new Public Forms feature allows users to access forms through their web browsers.

Kiosk mode can be used at events where people can input data into a stationary device.

We have introduced our own API as well as expanding on the exporting options to many third party platforms.

Many other smaller features have been added to the platform over the years. The app has also been translated into 18 languages with the assistance of our client community, and this is a constant work in progress.

Our Bug Bounty program has allowed us to substantially increase the security of the website from the latest threats.

Both mobile apps have been completely rewritten in order to apply new technologies. As well as integrating new technologies into the web platform as well.

As far as innovation goes we have always endeavoured to provide for new feature requests, fresh ideas and suggestions for improving NestForms. 


We would like to thank all our clients for their years of support and we value your feedback.


For anyone that’s new to NestForms, we aim to provide as much value as possible within the paid subscriptions and if you wish to stay on the same plan, additional paid modules can be purchased temporarily or on a permanent basis. We believe our subscription model provides the best in pricing flexibility and resource management.

We believe our Free plan is perfect for casual users. So, as well as continually modifying and providing new features for the paid plans, we have decided to increase storage and user limits within the Free plan. 

Here are some of the changes and increased limits we have made to the NestForms pricing plans:


1. We have increased storage space from 20MB to 80MB
2. The number of free users is increasing to 5
3. The number of forms has increased from 10 to 30
4. Free subscribers can now export to Excel


Within the Standard plan we have increased the number of users from 5 to 7
The Number of forms on the Standard plans increases from 80 to unlimited.


On the Advanced subscription plan we have also decided to remove the limit on client branding options.


If you are new to NestForms celebrate with us by starting your free 2 week trial today.
You can also learn more on how to use our formbuilder by getting a better understanding of NestForms.

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