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Getting Started


Welcome to NestForms #

Collecting accurate data is vital for the day to day operation of companies, businesses and industry.  Some of the reasons different client organisations collect data might include examining customer trends, assisting with future planning or carrying out inspections, audits and creating checklists.

NestForms is a mobile form app that can be used by business and industry for the purpose of collecting information in the field, in real time.  Instead of sending employees to worksites with pen and paper, they can simply use a smartphone or tablet with our mobile data app installed. Forms you have created through our form builder can be shared instantly to your responders on the ground within the app.


How does it work? #

The survey forms you have created as an administrator are shared with your colleagues who have downloaded the NestForms app to their mobile device.  They are able to start collecting data immediately from wherever they are working.   

They can use the app on many devices including iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet or any Amazon mobile device available to them.

As well as collecting standard text and numerical data, your responders can also collect audio files, GPS Co-ordinates, photos & signatures.  


Okay, but how do I collect my survey data? #

Data is sent back from the survey app to your account on the NestForms website, once the responders are online (mobile internet, wi-fi in their location) and your survey responses are immediately available in your account, once the responder has synced their device. This means survey data can also be either stored on the device while offline, or synced with your account once a web connection has been re-established.

This means data collection can flow smoothly without the need for your responder returning to the office. 


How do I work with the Data? #

As data collection is performed digitally, it is very easy to manage and you can see a summary of results, for example in the form of pie charts or graphs. We can also help you prepare your raw survey data for further analysis by providing you with many exporting options such as exporting to PDF, Excel and Word formats.

We also provide you with features to connect your profile to external services like Google Drive and DropBox.  You can read more about this in Exporting Options

This is just a taste of what NestForms can do for you. If you wish to view other functions on NestForms, check out our FAQ, Forms - list and creation or Case-studies. If you need further help, just let us know.


How do colleagues start filling in my form? #

First make sure you are logged into the master account (the admin account that owns the forms), then add your colleagues to the Relations page - Invite friends and Invite a new member via email.

Then just simply edit your form and share it with your colleagues.

Each form can be shared with either a group or specific colleagues depending on your requirements.

Your colleagues will receive an email with login details and links for downloading the iOS and Android apps. Once they login to the app, they will see all forms you have shared with them, and they can start collecting data for you straight away.