Time to engage with the new look Nest Forms interface

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So over the last few months, we have been spending time redesigning the main interface on Nest Forms.

Don’t panic!, the biggest change you can expect is related to the new web interface, where we have focused on delivering a cleaner, and what we believe will be a more user friendly experience. Many of those changes are based on your own feedback.

We are also removing the page with the current list of results as there is access directly from the Forms List. There is also faster access from the Form builder to the collected responses using the tabs.

Data collection will not be affected, but the website will be unavailable for a period of one hour today at 15:00 Irish Time

As a result of the interface change, we will be adding a branding module over the coming weeks which will allow clients to customise the colours and Logo’s that would appear on Survey forms.
This will be applied to the new versions of the Apps also in November.

So what is new?

  • New Interface
  • Moving the menu from the left hand side to the top of the page.
  • Hiding the top menu items for logged in users (under the more icon)
  • Access to forms reports
  • New Dashboard
  • A faster Reports page

See what is the difference between Old and New NestForms design

We expect that you should have no issues during this transition, however if you notice anything is not working as expected, just let us know at support@nestforms.com and we will help in any way we can.

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