Google spreadsheets exports update

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We have been working on an update to the Google spreadsheet exports.

This should not cause most clients any trouble, but we want you to be aware of this update in case you have made some substantial changes or you are using the Google spreadsheet export for any further processing. If this is the case, we would recommend you review your exports to prevent any potential export issues.

Changes made:

  1. We have removed the first row (these were just IDs and we received feedback from clients that this can cause confusion). NestForms will be using the column metadata from now on.
  2. Freezing the first row and first 2 columns so that you will always be able to more clearly see the relationship between question and response when browsing the data.
  3. Change the Response ID identifier (in column B), as previously we were using the old identifier and we are replacing this with the new one.
  4. Better assignation of number type answers - This is important for numbers with decimal points, dates, times, etc. The types are updated for the other Excel exports. This includes downloading Excel files, exporting to Microsoft OneDrive or SharePoint.
  5. Updated Google Drive trigger to also export PDF files, Word documents, images, audio files, Excel documents and Google Spreadsheets (as well as previously available spreadsheet continuous upload and image upload).
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