Automating your paperless process

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Many clients using paperless forms need to be notified when responses have been received into their web account. Within the NestForms platform you can use a function for this called Triggers.

The reasons for receiving  triggers are very diverse, but just a few examples would include:

  • Daily emails to administrators that want to know when responses have been received
  • Instant notifications/emails that can be sent in case of an item within a response requires an immediate review
  • Tracking when an audit has been completed based on a defined marker/item within a response
  • Notification of a potential emergency or urgent issue based on a calculation result

So if you want to track completed audits within one day or receive an instant notification as soon as a field survey has been completed, Triggers might just be the option for you.

In the most simple terms, Triggers allow you to receive automated notifications from NestForms whenever a response or responses has been received into your web account. The Triggers can be received either by email or there are other options available, such as syncing your responses as updates and additions to some of the popular third-party cloud platforms (Google Drive, Dropbox).

For instance, you can choose options like receiving a summary email for all responses received during the day. Or you can save a new response into your Google Drive account as soon as it is created and many other options.

You can see more details on the NestForms help page that explains firstly how Triggers & Webhooks work as well as how to make the best use of them.

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