What is a prefilled response and how it makes your life easier

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If you are using online forms or surveys you already know what are the advantages in the process of running your day to day activities. This enables you to make the correct and most suitable decision, depending on the topic of the survey. Using online forms or surveys  represents a faster and more  flexible way of running your business and brings you a lot of advantages. The key is to find the right software that will provide you with even more benefits.

First, let’s make  things a bit clearer. 


What is a Form? The “form/survey”  is a compiled and structured set of questions or fields which focus on collecting relevant information regarding individuals/ activities/ projects. 

When aiming to obtain a more detailed opinion of the responders activity or audit, surveys and forms are the optimal data collection tool to gather this information. They can allow you to reach thousands of possible participants if necessary, which ensures a more accurate understanding of your form responses from which to draw your conclusions.


What is a Form response? The “form response* ” is a response to a form with completed answers to the specific questions filled in by the responder. And in the case of a response that intends to capture the information regarding a specific activity or project, the “survey response” represents the form/survey containing all the relevant answers incorporated in the form/survey.


To ensure your data is accurate, you need your participants to be as honest as possible with their answers but at the same time  you need to be able to structure and retrieve the responses in a fast and efficient manner that will enable you to obtain unambiguous information. 

The nature of unstructured surveys can allow responders to feel free to be creative. This creativity in many cases might not be of much help to you as an administrator when trying to identify the topic of the form response or capture the targeted information you intended to obtain in the first place.

 Also,allowing the responder to name the form response can lead to unpredictability, as users can misspell, mistype, or misname the name of the response. This can mean losing trackability or misfiling it in the system, increasing the risk of valuable information not being retrieved. By using the “prefilled name response” options, you can collect predefined and more accurate inputs from responders, eliminating this risk.


This enables you to make the correct and most suitable decision, depending on the topic of the survey. 

All good and sound, but after receiving all this information back to the central office, is your job then to organise it in a comprehensive and structured reportable way. 

And as time means money these days, retrieving the  right information is very important.  But what will help you increase your productivity and efficiency is being able to structure and highlight the correct information rapidly. 


Using  a “prefilled response name” feature, might be the right option.

How a prefilled response name makes your life easier?

With this in mind, as an administrator, you can create a number of templates for specific form responses depending on the topic. You will send this to the responders which, depending on circumstances, will populate the form response with suitable answers. After completion,all the responses will be sent back to your administrator account. Being able to sort and file the responses efficiently and in the correct order, is made easier to ensure better quality compliance and improved document control procedure implementation.

To be able to automate the control and tracking of responses in a controlled and managed environment based on your own specific document control procedure is the dream of every account administrator.


NestForms created such a feature, through a friendly user app, easy to install on any device and versatile, whatever the needs or the specificality would be. With NestForms the “prefilled response name” feature allows for accuracy and synchronous data collection, the fields in the  “prefiled response name title''can be set to be updated as the form responses are filled. 

This also feeds into how Triggers (another feature available within NestForms software) are used and recognised in the most suitable manner to increase any business flow. 

In the end, this means more efficiency, structure and  faster decision making based on real facts and diagnosis,  clear, focused and trackable information in real-time, from any location you might be in. 

Why not take advantage of using the Prefilled response name and the benefits this feature entails.

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