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Knowing who your customers are and what their requirements might be can affect loyalty to your brand, meaning more business. Obtaining correct information from colleagues, customers or other parties is essential for the smooth operation of your business. Today data is collected by companies for many different reasons. Some of these reasons include monitoring customer habits or trends, analyzing data for future operations or perhaps assisting in decision making and future planning.

You might want to collect data by asking simple questions of customers that require yes/no answers. But as well as simple questions you might require more detailed information, possibly choosing from lists of choices. Sometimes as well as personal data you may need to collect numerical information requiring single digits or from a range of numbers. An architect, survey or builder may want to convey information through the use of GPS and include images. A signature might be needed as proof of identity or for receipt of goods. Any signature would normally require dates and times. In many cases all of this information and more may be required to suit your business needs, the specific survey or for understanding your customer base.

Wouldn't it be great if you could capture all of the information you require for your business in a user friendly and efficient way.

When creating a form, the NestForms app provides the ability to obtain data by being able to choose from a wide range of components.

For example a dropdown menu can be used by a person carrying out a survey where only one answer is required but is suitable for longer lists. A manager in a supermarket may require information on stock check figures from his/her team leaders by using the numbers field. The numbers field supports an option for selecting a range 0 - 20, or 100 - 200 etc. You can also select whether the number will be in integer or decimal form. A building inspector when checking fire alarms might use a feature button where the section can be cloned giving information on each room or building visited. Where a health and safety inspector might be checking gauges in a factory, he may want to see figures over and above a certain number range. The calculate component allows you to create your own formulae for evaluation purposes. This component when combined with triggers would allow the inspector to see if any gauges had breached a certain reading and require action.

When using NestForms, we allow your responders to capture the data you need with precision using the most flexible components to suit your requirements

To learn more about the various components you can visit the NestForms help page.

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