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Please take some time to view the NestForms selection of Landing pages. We have created pages for industry, commercial and other sectors where we already assist. 

You can read about examples of where our offline survey app can be used on each Landing page along with links to the introductory video and our free 14 day trial.


Examples #

You can find examples of how the platform can enhance and simplify all kinds of inspections and audits. We have landing pages specifically geared towards Promotional Surveys, Vehicle Inspection Checklists and Health and Safety Audits. Others include Construction (perfect for a Punchlist), Damage and Incident Assessment and Real Estate to name but a few. Many of these sector specific landing pages include a link to an associated example Template form from our growing library. 

Outside of business specific landing pages you can see others devoted to showcasing the NestForms platform. You can learn about how offline surveys work, how to create a form and share it to colleagues or friends. You will learn about many of the great features and modules on offer. Check out the Landing pages for Automated Inspection Reports, Offline Surveys, Collect Mobile data or Mobile Form Builder. 

We are adding to our Landing page list all the time as NestForms reaches out further to accommodate various client requirements.


Creating Forms #

Creating forms with the NestForms offline survey app is easy. The intuitive drag and drop interface allows you to build forms quickly. The app is easy to use for the responder on the ground collecting data which you can analyse in real time. Lets not forget NestForms offline capabilities either. Data can still be collected without a connection.

If you want to give NestForms a try, simply click on the orange Create free Account button within any of the Landing pages. Kick off with your free 14 day trial! The trial period includes all of the features on offer to the Premium subscription.