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It is very important for people to check the tyre treads on their vehicles regularly. This is especially important before setting off on a long journey. But do we do it? I think many of us, if we're honest with ourselves, are in too much of a hurry getting out of the house, the kids to school and then maybe a shopping trip. The tyre tread depth is the last thing on our minds whether setting off in the morning or coming home at night.

The mechanic asked me if I've ever rotated my tyres. How does he think I got here?

Ok so, with this in mind, it's of paramount importance then, for the mechanics, inspectors, testing centres and garages to get this right to ensure the safety of the vehicle and ultimately the occupants. For many individuals and fleet vehicle owners, this might be the only check in a long time!   

The NestForms platform has proven with our clients to be a great way for an administrator to compile a checklist, inspection or audit form. The form can easily be shared to teams on the ground involved in all aspects of vehicle inspection and safety. Inspection forms created on the NestForms mobile survey app can also assist mechanics in garages involved with servicing and pre-test vehicle checks.

The vehicle inspection is hugely important, not just for the average car owner but also for those businesses with large vehicle fleets, hauliers, bus, taxi companies and car rental etc.

Vehicle Servicing and Inspection
The administrator can provide the vehicle inspector with a form that might include a Single answer component. This means they can give a simple Yes/No or Working/Not working and Not applicable answers during the vehicle inspection. This component is perfect for signing off checks on lights, wipers, mirrors, the horn, exhaust system and other testing requirements.

Treadful, absolutely Treadful!
One of the most important checks will be carried out on the depth of tread on tyres as to whether they are safe or require changing. The mechanic or inspector should also inform the vehicle owner if the tread depth is borderline and thus close to replacement.

The NestForms mobile survey app contains a Number component that gives various options on how numerical data is formatted. Within this component there is an option to add a function that will set a trigger when a certain number, measurement or perhaps a distance has been reached. In this case, when tyre tread depth has failed an inspection. This function is called Number Logic and can display feedback and breakpoints depending on text and numerical information you have input earlier within the Number component(s).

For example, a form can be created where the inspector, within the mobile device, can see a failure breakpoint depth of 1.6mm. When the inspecting person has input a depth of 1.5mm they can see a warning flag depending on how the component has been set up. You can specify a range from say 1.7 to 2mm to warn owners of impending replacement. Additionally anything above 2.1mm can be viewed on the app and deemed within the safe tread depth limit. All data input by the responder or inspector at the testing centre  or mechanic on the garage floor can be shared instantly and findings quickly passed to the vehicle owner for action.

A large vehicle fleet administrator may want to add Number logic to flag up when certain mileages have been reached and therefore servicing of the vehicle is required.

There are many other advanced features within The NestForms mobile survey app that are of great benefit to the administrator and to the responder in the field.

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