GPS KML Files - Map Overlay

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The GPS component within the NestForms form builder allows a responder in the field to provide an exact location while going about their task.

There is also an additional complimentary feature within this component that allows you to provide your own map overlay using KML files (Keyhole Markup Language). Once you check Map Select and KML files, this feature will allow you to add extra detail to the GPS map provided for the responder.

A good example might be when outlines, contours, boundaries or other land features need to be added over the map.

These map overlays can be useful in many industries or businesses and especially for those where much of the work is performed in any outdoor, remote locations. This might suit nature surveys, land boundary disputes, or plotting agricultural features.

Within the fisheries industry an administrator may want to show any offshore limits to responders on their vessels.

Using NestForms as a land survey app, a surveyor might wish to mark features such as high ground, buildings or any other important features that might impact upon a construction or engineering project.

You can see more detailed information within the GPS component help page. If you are new to NestForms, you can test this feature and many others with our free two week trial. The trial period includes all of the features and modules within the Premium plan.

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