Add Text and Image to the end of your Form

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The NestForms mobile form app has a feature that allows an administrator to provide some text and an image to the end of a form. This is perfect as an exit point for the responder on the ground who has completed an interview or survey. It also gives a professional look and feel to any technical inspection or audit checklists.

This feature is also used within Kiosk mode which is the default setting. You might want to thank participants who have completed a survey at a stationary device within student accommodation, trade shows or Expos.

To see text and image at the end of a survey will also create a professional impression to anyone who is being interviewed where screen sharing is necessary.

For example, you may want to thank a responder for completing a survey. You might also want to thank a participant for taking part in a retail survey where a device screen is shared with the responder. A brand logo or image could be included for your business. Where shop floor surveys are carried out it might be apt to include an image of a product or range.

The NestForms mobile form app has a comprehensive set of help pages for your perusal. On these pages you can see more detailed information about the various features and modules on offer within the platform. If you are new to NestForms, you can test the Finish screen button easily within our free two week trial. Our trial period includes all of the features and modules within the Premium plan.

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