New Feature: Generating QR codes using Custom DB

Generating QRcode with NestForms

The NestForms offline survey app has a new and exciting feature within the Custom DB module. Users can now generate QR codes directly from within their Custom DB table, making data entry and organisation more efficient than ever before.  

With this new feature, users can easily create and assign unique QR codes to specific data in their Custom DB table. This can be especially useful in scenarios where physical items need to be tracked and identified, such as inventory management or asset tracking.

Generating QR codes within the Custom DB table is a quick and straightforward process. Users can simply navigate to the Custom DB module in NestForms, select the desired table, and then access the new QR code generation feature. From there you can customise the labels with unique identifying numbers, text etc.

Once the labels are generated, they can be easily printed or exported in various formats, depending on the user's needs. This ensures that everyone involved in the data collection process can easily access and scan the QR code labels.

The ability to generate unique labels within the Custom DB table brings a range of benefits for businesses and organisations. Firstly, it streamlines data entry by eliminating the need for manual data input for the identification of item, asset or perhaps location data. Users can simply scan the labels, saving time and reducing the risk of human error.

Secondly, it enhances data organisation and retrieval. With each specified item within the Custom DB table now having a unique identifier, administrators can quickly locate and retrieve specific information when needed. This is especially valuable for large datasets where searching for specific entries can be time-consuming.

Scanning QR codes within NestForms mobile form app

Furthermore, the generated QR codes can also be used for tracking purposes. For example, in inventory management, each item can be assigned a unique label that can be scanned and tracked throughout its lifecycle. This helps in monitoring stock levels, ensuring accurate records of storage, movement and usage.

The new QR code generation feature within NestForms' Custom DB module is a valuable addition for businesses and organisations seeking to streamline their data collection and management processes. By enabling administrators to create and assign unique codes to specific items based on unique identifiers, it greatly simplifies data entry and streamlines the inventory or stock control processes. It also facilitates asset identification, retrieval and tracking.

With this innovative feature, NestForms continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing user-friendly and practical solutions for data collection and management. Users can now take advantage of this powerful tool to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their data workflows. Whether it's inventory management, asset tracking, or any other data-driven process, this new feature will undoubtedly make a positive impact.

If you are new to the NestForms offline survey app you can see more detail on the website and help pages, should you wish to give the platform a try. You can also check out a brief video that shows you how to use the form builder.

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