New shiny features for your mobile surveys

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We have been working on improving the help section to help you get a better feel for what you can do within the Nest Forms system.

Have a look at the help section on the help section on how to create your mobile survey forms, we have updated the help section recently and we think it might be worth your while familiarising yourself with some of the new features that are available on the dashboard.

You can have a look here for starters: Form Creation

Also, from time to time, we are sent feature requests and updates from clients that are using Nest Forms for their own mobile surveys.

So just to give you a little rundown on some of the features that have been added this month.

  • Barcode data can be entered manually as text as well as by the normal scanning route in the scenario that the code cannot be scanned.

  • We also made an amendment to the number component, which will now allow you to choose between integer or decimal. this recently requested feature allows for the collection of more exact numerical data.

  • We have updated the reports section to make it easier to see whether your survey responses contain any images or related media, you will see new thumbnails on the response row if there are attachments for viewing.

  • We now also display the amount of images in the reports to show recorded audio files and the number of signatures within the response.


We are always glad to hear from you and any feedback you can give.

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