Brand new look to the MS Word export

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You may have created a form where a single response is more important than the overall statistics of all the responses combined. Yes, Nest Forms has been created with this scenario in mind and therefore we try to hook you up with tools suitable for these cases. Exporting to an MS Word document is one of these scenarios and this has been available for several months for all paid users.

Since this feature has been up for quite a while, you may have already explored it, so we are just here to remind you that you might consider checking it out again as we have just updated the format of exported documents with a much more pleasing appearance.


The main advantage of exporting to an MS Word format is that exported responses are easily editable since the Word format is quite common. This allows you to retrieve your data in an easy to access format.


Speaking of a desired format. Advanced and Premium users are able to customise the format options of the Word file within the Nest Forms interface.

If you wish to explore other possibilities of Nest Forms export features feel free to get all the information from our help article regarding exports already prepared for you.

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