Why GPS can help improve your survey responses

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GPS or Global Positioning System is probably one of the greatest inventions of the century. As it is extremely versatile it can be used in a variety of day to day activities and has practical applications in almost any sector of industry.

How GPS works: “GPS devices” or “GPS trackers” are actually receivers. They receive signals from satellites and can then calculate the distance between the same devices and the satellite-based on how long the signal takes to travel.

If using mobile phones, ipads or any other enabled devices, when the system is activated, GPS receivers communicate with devices from among many global positioning satellites in the GPS system. In simple terms, by use of a triangulation method, the distance between the satellites and the receiver generates overlapping "spheres" that intersect in a circle. The intersection is based on your location on the ground.

GPS can be used in very diverse industries, a few examples include:

  • Military applications and by emergency crews to locate people in need of assistance.
  • Mapping forestry and crops
  • Aero navigation and naval operation
  • Logistical transport or managing chain supplies

How using GPS in your survey can make your life easier?

From mapping and finding locations to tracking and identifying any item that is GPS enabled, GPS is now essential in many business activities.

NestForms enables you to collect offline GPS Coordinates and identify accurate locations and sites of your business activities. Using GPS with NestForms allows you to save GPS Coordinates where your data was collected, perform accurate site-specific online & offline surveys in remote locations. The benefit of being able to obtain site specific records and paperless data collection covering very different spheres of interest, without the need for an online connection, is an advantage that any competitive business needs.

You can have absolute control over your activities and receive accurate data and reports from any location tracked and monitored in real-time.

Can I use GPS without an Internet connection?

The answer is Yes. On both Android and iOS devices, you have the ability to track the location without needing an internet connection. Assisted GPS or A-GPS doesn't work without a data connection, but GPS radio can still retrieve a location fix directly from the satellites if needed.

NestForms have updated the GPS Help page that explains first what GPS is and how it works, as well as how to make the best use of GPS with NestForms.

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