Allowing to update data from Responses back to Custom DB

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Custom DB is one of the more advanced modules in NestForms which is included within the Premium subscription. 

This feature can also be added to Standard and Advanced subscriptions as an additional paid module. Custom DB allows an administrator to prefill their own internal data into any responses.

There is a feature within Custom DB that will allow you to edit data in responses which will then automatically update your Custom DB table. 

This feature allows you to merge data that has been entered incorrectly by the Responder. If you find that an email address is wrong within the Custom DB table then you as the administrator can make the change within the response and once submitted or approved it will then be updated to the table automatically.

In another way this feature allows the responder to suggest a change within the response and then once it is approved by the administrator it can be updated within the Custom DB itself.


Compute number

There is also a feature within the Number component that allows you to change any numerical data within the columns in your Custom DB table.

This could be useful for tasks such as stock checks where you can change the number in the inventory. Within the number component there is a Type field where you can override, increase or decrease numbers within your table. This will give you the option to change the number of items in the column to reflect a change within the response. For example, if an amount of a particular item has changed (is wrong or has increased or decreased) since the response was submitted.

You can view more detailed information in the Custom DB help page. If you are new to NestForms, you can try out the platform with our free two week trial. The trial period includes all of the features and modules within the Premium plan.

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