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There are a few reasons why you might want to create a User group within a mobile survey platform. One reason is that it can make it easier to target a specific group of users with a related survey. 

Another reason is that it can make it easier to track the responses of a specific group of users. This can be especially helpful if you are doing market research and want to track the responses of a specific group of users over time. 

You can also assign Group admins. These are colleagues you can set to manage other relations within the User group. The Group admin has more permissions including assigning individual users to fill in forms. They can also view and approve responses submitted by users in his group. Group admins are marked with an additional crown icon for easier identification when setting the Administration form share.

Customised group-specific reports can be generated, providing detailed insights into how a specific group responded to a survey.

Finally, creating groups can also make it easier to administer surveys to a group of users. This can be helpful if you want to make sure that only certain people are able to access a survey. Remember groups can only be created and managed by users with administrative privileges and also that groups cannot be used to target specific questions or content to specific users.

It's very easy to create a User group within the relations section. 

To start, go to your Relations page. In My friends click below on the tab Create a group. You will now see a lightbox where you should insert the group name and any comments. You can also colour code your groups. After clicking the green Create button you can select the relations you wish to be included in the group and Save.

A display option allows you to manage and edit your groups and relations.

You can view more details in the Relations section of the help pages and in particular the User group page. If you are new to NestForms you can try out the platform with our free two week trial.

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