Add Language Translations to Buttons within Form Builder

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NestForms allows the administrator an option to to set the language for each form that the responder sees within the app as they carry out a survey on the ground. This advanced feature is perfect for the occasions where the platform is being used in KIosk mode.

For example, you may have a group of students answering questions at a certain location, maybe the common rooms or reception. You would need to create forms in different languages for the target audience. A student would have the option to select a translation of the form depending on their nationality. There is then no language barrier for anyone when entering the data. For example, you could have three different forms in three different languages.

Another scenario that we have come across is where clients are attending conventions or meetings in different countries. The same form data can be collected in multiple languages according to the location of the operation. 

We are adding and improving our list of supported languages all the time and welcome any suggestions for further NestForms translations. We invite you to give NestForms a try and experiment with setting up forms in your own language. You can check out this feature and many others with our free two week trial. The trial period provides you with all of the features and modules within our Premium plan.

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