Exporting to Microsoft is now available!

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Based on client feedback, we have been adding to our most popular export options and have now added a new export option for clients that are using the Microsoft platform.

We have prepared the option to export files to Microsoft OneDrive. This is mainly to accommodate the images attached to the response, however it will also count for signatures and recorded audio files.

There is also an option to export to Excel files within Microsoft Office 365. It is possible to perform incremental updates so that when new exports are done, they are added to the previously created file. It can be very useful when you want to perform further work with your data (eg creating your charts, pivot tables, custom scripts, etc in other sheets of the Excel document).

Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft OneDrive are also supported within the NestForms triggers so you can use the full power of the automated Nestforms process.

Learn more about this new feature on the Export help page and Triggers help page.

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