What is NestForms Autocapture?

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There are many advantages to be gained from collating information in an efficient manner.
The obvious advantage involves saving you and your company time and effort in the act of disseminating data to key people, future planning or the delegation of work to be completed.

An administrator often needs to include certain data on form responses that do not need the involvement of the responder on the ground collecting the data. This can be for reasons such as storing the date and time of when a response was completed without the need for the responder to do this or adding an ID number to a response without the need for manual entry.

For example, there should be no need to ask your responder for their name since you already know these details, but you still need it to be added into your data exports.
So to avoid unnecessary data entry for the field respondent, fields like these can be hidden from the user and can be collected automatically.

In order to accommodate this, the NestForms mobile survey app has a function which allows data to be stored on a form created by administrators that can be for their eyes only.
This form response data can then be exported to Excel or any other supported export options.

This component is called Autocapture and can be added by simply dragging and dropping the component into your form and applying the data capture required for your form.

The Autocapture function can collect many types of data  such as date and time, Responders name, Unique ID number to name a few.  One of the very useful features of autocapture is the same answer option which means you can use the same data field in multiple locations throughout your form rather than having to repeatedly enter the same field entry again and again.
For example, if you have collected a name at the start of your form response, but also need to add the same name later on in the form, let’s say when collecting address details, you can use the Same Answer Autocapture function in multiple places within the same response to greatly reduce repeat data entry.

To learn more about Autocapture and the many features available within this function, check out the Autocapture help page within the NestForms website.

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