Member Reference Codes

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There is a feature where you can assign Member Reference Codes to any of your relations. Each account can have a different reference number.

You can assign the code by going to Relations and editing their Basic information details. When you click on the edit icon you can now see a field for ‘Member reference code’ under the relations profile.

The administrator can edit the code even if a relation changes details within their profile.

Once assigned the code can be selected through the Prefilled response title dropdown on the Form builder page.

Usage options include:

  1. You can add the member reference code through the Custom DB import.
  2. The administrator can only see the code as manager of the account.
  3. Editing relations.
  4. Adding the code in Autocapture fields.

To start, go to Relations, click on the edit icon on the right and you can insert the Member Reference code within their profile. You will then see the code beside any responses where it has been used. If you are new to NestForms, feel free to try our free two week trial

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