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Associated help page: help-number logic.

The NestForms platform comes packed with many advanced features and modules. Check out the Number logic feature should you wish to perform analysis or receive triggers for any numerical inspection data such as gauge readings and other measurements. You can enable this feature within the Number form item.

It could be the case that you are required to use different thresholds for displaying different statuses within Number Logic. This is now possible when you assign the form item within your Number logic threshold.

For example, you can use the Calculate form item where you can determine the maximum possible value. This maximum value is then used within the Number logic threshold to display a warning if the value entered by the respondee is over or under this maximum.

You can also apply this when using the Custom DB module. By adding the maximum value into your custom DB (can be different for other Custom DB groups) you can then use this maximum form item within the Number logic component in the threshold to display a warning.

A good Number logic example for this feature could be when company vehicles are going through safety inspections. Tyre tread depth can be gauged as to whether it has failed the minimum legal measurement for driving safely.

Another example might be when temperature readings on a piece of machinery need to be categorised within different months (Months and the average temperature can be recorded within the CustomDB).

Other scenarios could be when calculating distances within site surveys or from measurements taken for building construction purposes. Typically, any type of safety inspection would require pressure gauge readings for fire extinguishers or measurement observations for many other types of equipment and machinery.

NestForms provides a complete set of help pages with the main terminology explained to assist you in getting to know the platform. On these pages you can see more detailed information about all of the various features and modules presented within NestForms. 

So, if you are new and would like to give NestForms a go, you can test the Number logic feature easily within our free two week trial. With you in mind, our free trial period includes all of the features and modules within the Premium subscription plan.

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