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  • Administrator - Primary user with full control of the NestForms account.
  • Relations - Individual users connected to your admin account (work colleagues, friends etc.).
  • Responder - One of your relations carrying out the survey on the ground.
  • Respondee - The person from whom the data is being collected.
  • Form - A set of questions that is to be collected from a responder on the ground.
  • Form Builder - A page area where you can update your form, add components and share your form with other relations.
  • Components - These are the question type features that can be viewed on the left hand grid of the form builder page and can be dragged and dropped into position on the form.
  • Form Item - When a component has been dragged over and positioned within a form it then becomes a Form item. You can then change the name of any form item and many other features to suit your requirements.
  • Form Section - Sections allow you to group different related sets of questions within the same form. Sections are interpreted as pages when filling in the Response.
  • Response - A response represents data received from responder.
  • Answer - Individual information within a response always based on one form item Each Response is composed of multiple Answers.
  • Trigger - Allows the administrator to receive automated notifications when a response or responses have been received.
  • Data export - Export options to allow you to work with your data outside of the NestForms platform. Supports Excel, PDF, Word, Images ZIP file, Charts or external services like Google Drive, Google Spreadsheet, DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive or Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Skip logic - Is a feature that can be set within surveys to display a different set of questions or sections based on a previous response.
  • Custom PDF - Allows users to create customised and branded PDFs with, data graphing and calculated fields. Users can customise the appearance of a survey, such as layout, images, font size and colour, by adjusting its settings.
  • Custom DB - Your own internal database in the back of NestForms which allows you to prefill your own internal data into your responses.
  • Administrator Form Share - Allows users to create and manage multiple forms and surveys from within the same dashboard.
  • API - Extends the capabilities of NestForms by allowing users to create connections to third party services and applications.
  • Branding - Allows users to create branding containing name, logo and one of the predefined colours.
  • Additional paid modules - Advanced features you may wish to include within your subscription.