Add Placeholders to Form Builder Components

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To help provide an extra layer of clarity to the questions within forms we have added what we call the Placeholder option to certain components. You might consider using a Placeholder as a prompt for the responder within a question.

For example, your colleague is completing a response on the ground, you want them to collect names within an Edit field. The first Edit component might be entitled ‘First name’ but you are happy with a nickname or what name the person wants to be known as informally. Someone might prefer Dave, instead of David, or Jo rather than Joanne.

When you use a placeholder you can enter text that the responder will see when asking for their first name. If you type in ‘Known as’ into the Placeholder field your colleague will see this in the app as they go to enter the text, it will disappear as they start to type. It's just a bit of a nudge really, a text prompt.

Another example could be when using the number component your responder may not need an exact figure, so in the Placeholder field you could type ‘Approximate’. When a responder is asking a person how many times they carry out a certain task within a month, they can see your text prompt and let the interviewee know they don't have to be exact.

You can find this feature within the Edit, Dropdown, Number and Barcode components. Just starting out with NestForms? You can check out this feature and many others with our free two week trial. The trial period provides you with all of the features and modules within our Premium plan.

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