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The Edit component is used in many forms and allows you to enter free text within a field either in single or multiple lines.

The component is perfect for inputting text such as first and last names. It may be the name of a specific manufacturer or client company. You may want to enter text for addresses or locations within a building or a large estate. There may be occasions when letters and numbers are mixed such as is seen on some item serial numbers.

This is how the component looks when set into the form by the administrator.

Add a title to the component by clicking into the Edit field.
Choose to insert text either in Single or Multiple lines by clicking on the appropriate tab. There is also an Email option that confirms the format is that of an email address. (this field can then be used for sending an instant email to a respondee).
The Edit component supports Custom DB.
The Required checkbox can be used when an answer must be inserted by the responder. When ticked, there will also appear an input field that allows you to set the minimum number of characters required.

There is one more option for Validation Rules. This is when there is a text entry from a responder, you can set specific rules that the text must follow. Learn more about Regular expression validation.