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Using Nest Forms Online Form Creator for Damage and Incident Assessment

Using the Nest Forms online form creator, you can complete a comprehensive investigation of an site incident while in the field, and then instantly send the information back to base. Both iPhone apps and Android apps mean you can use the online form creator anywhere.

Imagine being able to record data via your smartphone or portable device remotely and send the data that you are investigating instantly to other users. That data can then be reviewed by your peers within the same organisation within seconds.

Our clients are already sending geocoded locations of where incidents took place, as just another part of the process, all at the press of a button!

With Nest Forms, multiple users in multiple locations are able to record and stream allowing you as the administrator or client to view the information as it is recorded.

There’s no need to imagine it, our Nest Forms form creator is helping users do this already

For vehicle damage assessment businesses, the usual requirement will be that the vehicle is assessed as soon as possible after an incident. This provides the insurance company with all details necessary and to ensure that all data collected regarding the incident matches up to the claim file.

Providing reports on property damage, fire safety surveys etc., is easy with Nest Forms.
We have customers who are using the iPhone app/Android app to allow them to monitor and report incidents, ranging from water leaks to illegal dumping / waste disposal for their local municipal authorities.

Getting Started with Nest Forms

Create your account, then login to build your main form in any standard web browser, using the easy to use Nest Forms online form creator.

Our easy to use interface features a ‘click and drag’ form builder, so no coding is required. Use the online form creator to build your form/survey, then store as a template.

Share your created form with associates, and via the mobile app they can fill in the form remotely and submit instantly.

Nest Forms is available as a native iPhone app for iPhones and iPads and also as an
Android app on Android smartphones and tablets. Download the app today and start creating incredible forms.


Custom NestForms Solutions

If you are interested in a customised solution for your NestForms app and would like to discuss these requirements, please contact us.

Alternatively, avail of our  and try it out for yourself.

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