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Using Nest Forms to Create Mobile Questionnaires for Promotional Surveys and Opinion Polls

Marketing and Promotions clients use Nest Forms as a mobile questionnaire tool for promotional research. Both iPhone apps and Android apps mean you can fill them out anywhere - indoors and outdoors.

From our experience of working with marketing and promotions clients, gathering data for questionnaires and surveys in local shopping malls and compiling opinion polls for 30,000 seater stadiums is a tough job. Nest Forms provide a mobile questionnaire/mobile survey solution that is highly productive.

Instant Responses for International Product Promotions

If you are promoting a new product such as a drink in a variety of international locations, then collating the consumer responses instantly for your own clients to review is priority.

Via the Nest Forms Android app/iPhone app, you can create, access, collate and share mobile questionnaires and surveys in real time.

Simple to Use Online/Mobile Survey and Questionnaire Builder
We have been working with existing clients to help create an easy to use ‘click and drag’ survey/questionnaire builder that will help you and your organisation perform anything from simple promotional surveys to more enhance, highly detailed online questionnaires.

We have examples where large teams of marketeers can be deployed immediately, with a new survey in their hands, within seconds of its creation, anywhere in the world. The form creator or administrator of your account can allow access to forms to the remote users with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Whether you need to know how a new product might be received, or how an existing service could be improved, Nest forms can help you collect the answers, and in a fraction of the time that is normally involved in paper- based methods.

Getting Started with Nest Forms

Create your account, then login to build your survey/questionnaire in any standard web browser, using the easy to use Nest Forms survey creator.

Our easy to use interface features a ‘click and drag’ form builder, so no coding is required. Create your online questionnaire/online survey, then store as a template.

Share your online questionnaire/online survey with your associates which they can access via the mobile app.

Nest Forms is available as a native iPhone app for iPhones and iPads and also as an
Android app on Android smartphones and tablets. Download the app today and start creating incredible forms.


Custom NestForms Solutions

If you are interested in a customised solution for your NestForms app and would like to discuss these requirements, please contact us.

Alternatively, avail of our  and try it out for yourself.

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