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Nature Survey App

NestForms has become the survey app of choice for many organisations around the world when it comes to monitoring our very own environment!

We have been privileged to work with with many clients that are running nature related surveys in areas that include:

  • Water quality
  • Air pollution
  • Tree Surgery
  • Soil quality
  • Field biology
  • Park surveys

The use of NestForms has helped both private companies and municipal organisations perform surveys in remote locations, allowing them to collect paperless data without the need for an online connection while in the field.

One example of where Nest Forms was used very successfully would be the Clean Lakes Alliance in Wisconsin USA where they performed over 1500 interviews for the Lake user survey.

“The Clean Lakes Alliance (Wisconsin, USA) appreciated the opportunity to use the NestForms suite of mobile-app tools in conducting lake user surveys this past summer.
Your service helped facilitate the completion of over 1,500 face-to-face interviews and related data analysis.
In addition, whenever we had questions or concerns, your customer service was excellent.”

Paul Dearlove
Program Manager
Clear Lakes Alliance


If we can help you with any queries you might have on similar nature survey requirements, just contact us.

Nest Forms is available as a native iPhone app for iPhones and iPads and also as an Android app on Android smartphones and tablets. Download the app today and start creating incredible forms.


Custom NestForms Solutions

If you are interested in a customised solution for your NestForms app and would like to discuss these requirements, please contact us.

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