Everything you need to know: the NestForms Kiosk mode

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As an administrator you may wish to capture data quickly from a targeted audience within various situations or locations. The NestForms Kiosk mode allows you to do exactly that. The Kiosk can be described as a temporary location housing a smart device in a specific area with high footfall, where employees, students or members of the public can enter specific data required for administrative purposes. When using iOS devices this feature is known as Guided Access and for Android users App Pinning Mode.

In what situations would you use Kiosk Mode?
Here are a couple of examples where a kiosk can be set up.

University Campus
Let's take a brand spanking new state of the art Common rooms within a university campus. The building has everything, you name it, computer workstations, charging points, canteen, vending machines, chat rooms, a dance hall and all the other important facilities, toilets, showers, changing rooms etc. In a case such as this, Facilities management or other admin branches might wish to engage students in the building foyer before they enter the building for the first time.

For first year students it might well be their first time away from home, a big adventure and expectations of the facilities provided will be high and varied concerning individual experience. There will be many international students where they may wish to see information in their own language. Any new building  requires feedback on the facilities to gauge staff or in this case student expectations, recommendations or dislikes. Data collected might also assist in gauging usage, planning for future requirements, budgets, creating event locations and so on.

So student Grant is in the foyer, sees the instructions to answer some questions on a fixed smart device before entering his new world. This is Kiosk mode in operation now. He is provided with a group of questions he can answer quickly with no fuss, enter the data and leave the smart device ready to go for the next person. Example questions on the form might be, Name? Study year? What are your expectations? What is important to you? etc. The next person might be a foreign student. The NestForms Kiosk mode can be set up to support multiple translations so that a student has the option to see the questions in their own language.

The student enters the new building, does their thing, sitting in comfy chairs, chatting and possibly even studying! On the way out there is another smart device Kiosk with a different set of questions to gauge how the student found the experience, the facilities, recommendations and anything they didn't like. Rate your new common rooms on a scale from 1 to 10, that sort of thing.

The Kiosk in these circumstances is a quick and effective way to capture important data on any new buildings where there are going to be large numbers of people using the facilities.

The workplace trainer
Within any Civil service department, commercial enterprises, offices and industries there is mandatory training that staff should complete on an annual or other time specific basis. There are many, Health and Safety, Manual Handling, First Aid or Diversity training to name but a few.

Any training I've completed in the past has the trainer up front with X amount of attendees and he or she is passing the clipboard around the room to get names, grades and departments. At the end there is the usual set of questions. How did you find the training? Was it applicable to your area? How did you find the trainer? Most importantly, did the tea and coffee arrive on time and were biscuits provided? I've known trainers to pass around separate sheets to each person.

That's a lot of paperwork for possibly an attendance of say twenty or more people. Consider then the time taken to pass on the information to the training company or client admin offices. Slow!

In these circumstances Kiosk mode can be set up on an iOS or Android device for use by the trainer. Where the same questions are being asked from attendees the device can be passed around the room for their work or personal details quickly and with no fuss. No more photocopying, less admin time, more time to focus on the course material! Attendee details can be shared with the relevant department and staff training records or compliances updated instantaneously.

The training provider is also able to gauge feedback using the same method, with the same device and the data shared back to the company for future improvement and service delivery. Example questions, did the training meet your requirements, scale 1 to 5? Were you satisfied with your trainer, Yes, No, could be better?

Of course using Kiosk mode in this way doesn't have to be confined to training providers. This method is perfect for and considering the university example, a teacher or professor capturing data in the classroom or lecture hall. It might also be an asset for any kind of business staff meeting, working group or conference. 

There are many other circumstances where the Kiosk mode can be deployed. The Kiosk station might be set up within a retail environment such as a shopping centre to assess customer experience and satisfaction. You might come across a station within a large event, maybe an Expo or Ideal Home exhibition. You've probably seen Kiosk stations on your travels without taking much notice.

I love it when my kid hits the unhappy face on the way out of the supermarket! 

Some reasons why you might use Kiosk mode
Businesses can keep a handle on how their devices are being used and limit functionalities. Customers, consumers or employees can only access the questions on a particular form set up for the Kiosk, businesses can ensure any device is being used properly and for the intended reasons. It's also easy to keep track of a device as in Asset management and ensures budgetary efficiency by lessening the need for admin support and also reducing mobile data usage. It's an easy to use people friendly interface with regard to gauging product/user experience. There are many other many other benefits for using the NestForms Kiosk mode to capture data for your business.


Remember the NestForms Kiosk mode supports both Android and iOS devices.

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