Build your NestForms Survey Quicker using ChatGPT

ChatGPT creating offline survey form

WIth ChatGPT fast becoming the most popular AI service on the market. NestForms is now on board! 

If you'd like some assistance with questions in your new survey, you can now use the ChatGPT Suggestions widget that is now available within the form builder.

The new AI Suggestions widget will suggest questions and which component types you might want to consider using within your form.

All you have to do is insert your form title or some descriptive text explaining the purpose of the form and the suggestions will appear. You can even suggest which form items (question types) to use ie. Edit, single answer, barcode, GPS etc.

Here's how to use it:

Depending on your screen size, The Chat GPT icon feature is available as a Suggestions tab just beside the components tab.



For for users with a larger screen resolution, you will see the Suggestions bar appear on the right hand side of the Form builder.



Clicking the Suggestions button opens an input box which allows you to add your own prompt describing what you want in your form.

Let's use the title ‘Vehicle checks’, for example. Enter the title, click the green generate button and just watch ChatGPT perform the magic. After a short while you will be provided with a list of form items that you can simply drag into your new form.

Not only will ChatGPT suggest the question type. It will also suggest the title of the questions that might be asked within the vehicle checklist form. In this case it provides question titles such as the make, model and colour along with many other vehicle safety check questions, wipers, lights, fluid levels etc.

If you use ‘Market Research’ as a title, you will see suggestions for questions about age, gender, occupation, how often…….? etc.

Give it a go! It's very easy.

With a good prompt or easily identifiable title you should be able to get some great ideas. You can then get down the bones of your form very quickly, and then flesh it out to suit your requirements.

If the widget doesn't suggest a form item or question title you're looking for, you can simply ask for a new set of questions with the green button. You can also continue to drag and drop from the main NestForms component interface.

If you are considering using our NestForms mobile form app you can try out the ChatGPT widget straightaway within our free two week trial. Within the trial period you can view and test all of the features within the Premium plan - this means all features and modules on offer within the platform.

With NestForms, offline surveys are simple to create. Our support team is always ready to help.

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