Happy New Year 2024 from all at NestForms

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Wishing every one of you a very happy and prosperous new year.

We always like to reflect on the past year as 2024 begins in earnest. It allows us to acknowledge our accomplishments and pinpoint areas for improvement. We can guarantee that users are informed of such updates while preparing for and implementing any changes.

We post news articles on new features and upgrades to the system, as well as frequent posts about how the NestForms mobile form app can help your business. For instance, we have created a new Templates section providing example forms for many different sectors and form types. We have also enabled access to our new Public Forms module which means you can complete forms outside of the app through a web browser without the need for a username and password.

It's great to know that the NestForms client base is growing! For each and every one of our clients, existing and new, we want to deliver a secure, effective, and professional service. We continue to develop and update NestForms and welcome feedback from clients for improvements. Our constant goal is to offer a much enhanced user experience

Check out our most recent statistics to see how far NestForms development has progressed throughout 2023!

14 new versions of the iOS & Android app.
29 new features added to the apps.
12 bugs fixed within the apps.
410 website enhancements.
20% increase in cloud capacity.
Over 9000 new users created a new account in 2023.
65 rewards made within our Bug bounty scheme.
315 000 lines of source code modified in 1143 files.

We've been hard at work enhancing our range of features and modules while supporting a steadily growing client base.

As well as the Templates section and Public forms, we have made many other improvements in the past year, to name just a few:

With Advanced file limits the number of images can be restricted.
You can now add text and images to the end of your forms.
Language translations can be added to the buttons within the form builder.
We have made improvements to the Number logic feature.
The ability to add Placeholders to form builder components.
There are new features within the Custom DB module.
You can customise the name of the Clone section button.
An administrator can assign Member reference codes.
We have added a Keyboard types feature within the Edit form item.
See how many ways you can now Filter your response data.
Easily create User groups for your offline surveys.
Now you can set a Multiple answers limit on items that can be selected by a responder.


Plans for the future:

We have many plans for new features and modules in 2024, some of which include:
A new approach to managing responder workflows or what we are calling  “Process Flow”?
And We have just begun testing our first AI addition to Nestforms which will allow clients to use Chat GPT when creating their forms.

Just last month we celebrated 10 years and increased some of the subscription limits for NestForms usage.
The NestForms offline surveys pricing options now include the following features and increased usage limits:


  1. We have increased storage space from 20MB to 80MB
    2. The number of free users is increasing to 5
    3. The number of forms has increased from 10 to 30
    4. Free subscribers can now export to Excel


Within the Standard plan we have increased the number of users from 5 to 7
The Number of forms on the Standard plans increases from 80 to unlimited.


On the Advanced subscription plan we have also decided to remove the limit on client branding options.


Our ambition is to make NestForms the best offline survey app solution available, both in terms of cost and efficiency.

We are grateful to each and every one of you for your loyalty, feedback and recommendations during the previous year.  We're delighted to work together with you all once again in 2024!

Visit the NestForms offline surveys website to learn more about our mobile form app if you're a new user. 

On our home page, there's a short video that explains how to use the platform.

If you would like to give NestForms a try, when you sign up our free 2 week trial includes all of the features and modules found within the Premium subscription plan.

The entire NestForms team once again extends a heartfelt thank you and best wishes for 2024.

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