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Ok, so we all know the drill! Open settings, check wifi connection, switch to mobile data. Shake, hold up to the sky etc. Still not working! It seems to happen at the most inopportune moments, just when you are getting somewhere or in the middle of something. When you need a connection the most, the ship hits an iceberg. Nowadays we are all relying on a stable connection for many things, emergencies, in our private lives, for work, zoom meetings, not forgetting emails and most apps, the list is endless.

At times like this we can finally take stock of what is happening around us, perhaps even rediscovering the art of conversation, phone someone and dare I say it ... .relax. 

It's possible of course to work offline in many circumstances. Being able to carry on working with offline surveys is of great benefit because it allows you to remain productive even when you don't have access to the internet. This is especially beneficial for those who need to work on the go and in remote conditions. 

Working through a mobile form app also eliminates the risk of data loss due to internet outages or other technical difficulties. Additionally, it can be much faster to work offline since you don't have to wait for pages to load or worry about the speed of your internet connection.

Working in areas with poor internet connection

Working in areas with poor internet connection can be a challenge, especially if you rely on the internet for your job. It can be difficult to access the resources you need, and even more difficult to stay connected with colleagues and clients. You may need to find alternative ways to stay connected, such as using a satellite connection or a mobile hotspot. You may also need to find creative ways to work around the slow connection, such as downloading files ahead of time or using offline applications. Working in areas with poor internet connection can be frustrating, but with some creative problem solving, you can still get the job done.

It is very common that our client responders work in areas that have poor internet connection. Responders require the confidence that the NestForms app provides in these circumstances.

For people working in remote locations, the lack of connection can cause many problems. People might be operating within the agricultural industry and need to provide data instantly or at least be able to carry on working until a reconnection can be reestablished. Other industries such as fisheries, forestry and asset tracking also rely on people being able to work offline. Over the years a selection of our clients have been carrying out offline surveys in many different locations. Some examples include working offline in jungles within South America. Other responders are recording data from remote desert locations in the Middle East. The platform has also been used by agricultural surveyors in rural African countries.

Colleagues working in remote locations aren't the only ones affected. It's difficult to get a connection in some city centres with high footfall. This would affect companies conducting marketing and customer surveys. The NestForms mobile survey app allows the user to carry on working offline with any data collected being synced once a connection has been re-established without having to worry.

Recording GPS coordinates through an offline survey app is a great way to document your work travels and keep track of where you have been. This can be of great benefit for accident inspections, tracking assets or for environmental studies. Within a form accessed through a smartphone, you can record GPS coordinates and save them for later use. This is especially useful for people who are travelling in remote areas with no access to the internet. Recording coordinates through the NestForms GPS component on the app is of great benefit for those working with no connection.


Returning GPS coordinates is just one example where you can work offline. With NestForms the responder can complete any forms in entirety while waiting for internet access. You can carry on adding text through the Edit component as well as fill Dropdown, Single and Multiple Answer questions. Audio files, Dates and Times and Images will all be stored until the clouds clear. After you have finished any offline Barcode scanning, by pressing Finish within the Feature component you don't have to worry about data upload at a later point. The Upload data also allows responders to part fill the form and come back later if they wish to do so. The feature component is the normal point of exit on all forms and will be added automatically if you forget.

So if data can’t be shared instantly it's good to know that it's done at the earliest opportunity. Administrators in the office and people on the ground can carry on working without worry.

You can find out more about the NestForms mobile survey app on the NestForms website. You can also view a short video on how the app works on the homepage.

You can also learn more on how to use our formbuilder by getting a better understanding of NestForms

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