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Notes and Images component

The Comments and Images component provides you with a simple way to collect images and comments from your colleagues.

Single or multiple images can be added. Notes can also be submitted by the responder on the ground.

This is how the component looks when you add it to your form.

When you click into Comments & Images, you can then change the title heading to make it more relevant to your form.

Below the Notes and Images title you will see two checkboxes in blue. These are:-

Allow images - select this option to allow only images to be added. The app then displays only the option to add an image.

Allow notes - select this option to allow comments only. The application displays only the option to add a comment.

Filename - Allows you to change the filename of the image. You can use simple text or even use some previous answers within the response. 

Just go into the form builder and edit the image component in your form. You will see a checkbox for Filename.

Once selected a Filename box will appear and when you click into this you will see a prefilled dropdown menu for the questions components within your form. You can select a component from the dropdown or enter free text if you require.


Number of image files limitYou can also set a minimum or maximum amount of images that can be uploaded into a survey by the responder on the ground (when the Allow images checkbox is ticked). Then click the Validation Rules button on the bottom right of the component.  lightbox appears where you can now see the two fields where you can set the minimum and maximum amounts of files that can be uploaded by the responder.


Inside the app:

Notes and Images Prague

When you press the Add a Photo button, the camera will open and you will be able to take a picture.

If you want to upload a photo from your device gallery, just hold the button for about one second and then choose the Gallery option. You can then choose from the different gallery apps you have installed in your device. Some of them might also allow you to select multiple images.