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Normally at the end of a form, Finish would be the normal point of exit when completing your form, however there are further options available if you are considering coming back to the form later or if you wanted to repeat a section within the form, here are a selection of the “Feature button” options available to you.


Finish #

Click this button to close the form and upload the data to the Web account. If you do not add this button to your form, NestForms add it automatically for you.  

Finish button

Finish & New - Clicking this button closes the form, replies are automatically saved, and the same new blank form is displayed, where you can then re-enter the answers.

Finish and New


Clone #

Select this feature if you want multiple but different answers to the same questions in your form. The selected section will automatically be cloned. (I.e. creating an empty section again). See more about Cloning section.

Clone Button


Save #

When you add save option in the Form builder, it will display the Upload data button within the app. The main difference in using the Upload data option is to allow your colleagues to part fill the form and come back later if they wish to do so.
In this case, the data is stored on the device and can be viewed in the cloud, but because it is unfinished, the user can still edit the response within the app. It is for viewing only in the master account and cannot be approved by the administrator until the response is Finished.

Upload Data Button