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App Components

When creating a form, an administrator can choose different components that determine how data should be collected by responders in the field. This list shows how the components or questions will appear for the responder within the NestForms app.

Edit #

This component allows you to add single or multiple lines of text depending on how the form owner sets the component. 

Learn more about the Edit component.

Allows you to select one option from a list. 

Learn more about the Dropdown component

Single Answer #

As the name suggests, just select one option for an answer. 

Learn more about the Single answer component 

Multiple Answers #

You guessed it. This component is used when there is more than one answer.

Learn more about the Multiple answer component.

Notes & Images #

Take a photo or upload one you have stored in your phone.

note: if you hold the "Add a photo" button for a longer time it will allow you to choose a picture from your image library.

Learn more about Notes & Images.

Audio #

Allows you to record audio and play it back.

Signature #

Opens up a drawing box and allows you to take an inkless signature right into your smartphone.

Learn more about the Signature component.

GPS Location #

On activation, the Capture GPS button stores your selected GPS Coordinates, alternatively you can select your location via the map option.

Learn more about the GPS component.

Date & Time #

Select a particular time or just insert the current time as an alternative.

Learn more about the Date & Time component.

Number #

Number InputInsert a numeric value. The "-" & "+" signs increase and decrease the value by 1. The form owner can also set minimum and maximum values.

Number Slider - Choose a numeric value using a slider instead of typing the number.

Number Range - Select a numeric range using a start and finish point.

Learn more about the Number component.

QR & Barcode Scanner #

The Scanner will allow you to read and store both QR & Barcodes. The NestForms android app uses external code scanners so you may be asked to download a Scanner from Google Play if you do not have one installed.

Learn more about QR & Barcode scanning.

Note #

An administrator can use the Note component to embed instructions or a prompt within a form where necessary for responders on the ground. 

Separator #

Separator helps you keep the form tidy by adding a separating line in between your questions.

Feature Button #

Finish saves and closes a response.

Finish & New does the same, but opens a new blank response of the same form to speed up the process when filling responses multiple times. Finish & new option must be enabled in form builder.

Clone section allows you to answer one section multiple times within one Response. Learn more in the Clone section help page.

Upload data - This is enabled by the Save option in the form builder. When Upload data is pressed, all current information in the form is transferred to the master account as a temporary response, and you can still continue filling in data.

Learn more about the Feature button.