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How to add more shares to your surveys.


How the number of shares decides your subscription cost #

There is a share limit set for the number of relations who can access the form you are sharing based on your subscription.

This is not based on the relations in your account, you can add as many relations as you like. The subscription model is based on the form that has the most shares with your relations.

If you find this limit is too restrictive within your current paid subscription but you are happy with other features, you can easily expand the number of users for a small monthly fee per user.

This has no effect on the number of the Relations you have - so you can have more relations in your account. The restriction only applies to the number of relations shared per a specific form.

Or to put it another way, you can have 80 relations and only share a form with 30 relations. This means you are billed for a 30 user subscription.


Adding extra shares to your form #

Please Note: This feature is available to Standard, Advanced & Premium users only.

The process of increasing the share limit is very simple. You just need to approve your choice when you select more users than you are allowed.


Let’s look at it step by step:

  1. Open any form that you want to share with more users and click
  2. A familiar pop up window will open. The amount of available shares is displayed at the top right corner of the window

  3. Start selecting the users that you want to share your survey form with. Once you reach  your limit,  the other user tiles will change colour, but they are still clickable.
  4. Once you select another user the additional information at the bottom of the popup appears to inform you that you have reached your user limit. You can add other users by clicking the Enable exceedable limits button (you will then be charged per additional shared user). Alternatively, the other option available is to upgrade your current subscription to allow for more users.

  5. By activating the Dynamic Share feature you are now able to select more users and increase your subscription share limit.

With regard to the Dynamic Share feature please note:

  • Every time you select more shares than previously allowed, NestForms will increase this limit for you automatically and adjust your monthly subscription accordingly.
  • Your dynamic share limit is based on whichever form has the most shares. If you reduce the number of shares during the month, your limits are reset in the beginning of the next month to the revised maximum.
  • Remember this increase is applied to your bill in the following month after you have chosen to increase the default limit
  • The share increase you make to one form, can be applied to any form without any extra cost
  • Cost for 1 extra share is applied on your cost per user base price within your subscription, which you can see on the pricing page.

How do additional shares work when you have multiple forms #

First of all, remember you can have as many relations in your account as you like!

But as an example, if you have a Premium subscription that covers 100 users, but you need to share Form A with 140 users. 

Then you will pay the standard Premium cost of €143.95 + 40 users * €1.40 = 199.95

If you then need to create a Form B, C & D and then share it with 120 users, you will not be charged any extra (as long as the number of shares is smaller than the form with the largest number of shares).

These 120 users within Form B can be completely different users to whom you originally  shared with Form A, so you can have 1000 relations, but as far as you have shared 140 with your largest form, this will be the base price of your subscription.


How do I decrease my extra shares subscription cost #

For example if you have a Premium subscription and your current largest form is shared with 140 users, but you need only 110 users from now on. Just edit the form and reduce the shared users you no longer require. The next invoice will be for 140 users as the maximum within that particular billing period, but the following invoice(s) will then be for 110 users.