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Adding Additional modules

NestForms makes sure all modules are available to premium subscribers. However, if you believe you only require a smaller subscription, but also wish to use one or more of our additional modules, you can easily consider subscribing to these additional modules separately.  We consider this the most flexible model that NestForms can provide to our clients.

If you want to just test any of the additional modules, you can enable the additional module for testing for 24 hours without any charge. Remember you need to disable the module, once you are finished testing to ensure you are not charged in your next invoice.

You can disable modules in your profile - There you will find a section named “Additional paid modules” where you can deactivate any active module at any time.

Examples of the additional modules available are: Instant Triggers, Webhooks, Google Drive Integration, Dropbox Integration, Microsoft Integration, FTP Export, CustomDB, Fully Customisable PDF

You can learn more about the additional modules prices on the pricing page