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VAT payment scenarios

VAT or Value added Tax is levied on any NestForms client accounts outside the EU.

EU clients are exempt from paying VAT if outside Ireland, once their country VAT number has been verified (via an automated process during the subscription).
If you did not provide your VAT registration details during the subscription, but need to add your VAT number to your invoice, contact us with your VAT registration details and we will update your account.

For any clients outside the EU

NestForms charges VAT on any account unless the client has proven they are registered for VAT within their home country. 

If you consider your account should be exempt from paying VAT charges on your NestForms account, you will need to provide NestForms with any document (listed below) as proof of your business registration or VAT registration.

These evidential documents include:

  1. Details from the client's tax authorities which confirm that the client is taxable.
  2. The client's order form containing their business address and trade registration number.
  3. A print-out of the client's website, to confirm that the client is conducting an economic activity.

We will endeavor to keep you informed of any further information or changes to VAT legislation affecting your NestForms account.

If you have any queries, regarding your VAT status, just let us know.