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Clone or Repeatable sections


Do you need to copy or clone repeated sections in your mobile forms? #

Imagine you were a real estate agent and your survey involves checking houses or buildings, and you find you need to copy similar details in different rooms, Then you can create this part of your survey as a repeatable section, or choose that this section can be cloned or copied.

The copy or clone can be performed as many times as required when you are running your survey. All your results will be in one place and will also be visible in your web account reports within the one response.

The exported reports including the copy will also have appear tidier as a result.


How to set up the repeat or copy option #

Let’s create a simple example, In your form, you will usually use at least 3 sections.

In the first section, you can ask the general questions about the house, location, GPS coordinates, contact information and so on.

The second section would contain more specific questions about each room - let’s call it “Room”. Eg size of the room, number of windows, number of lights, pictures taken of the room or any other questions that you would consider important.


Then place the “Feature Button” at the end of this section and choose “Clone Section” to give you the option to repeat the section when on your mobile device.

To finish off your mobile survey form, the third section would normally contain some summary information (Notes, Observations, signature etc.) regarding the building itself.

Adding the feature button


Second example: (collect information in the group) #

First page: general details - how do you know each other? What is your group called?

Second section called - name, email, age

Third section: Picture of the group


Working with the survey application on your mobile device #

You can enter data in exactly the same way as you have previously.

At the bottom of the page “Room” a button will appear called “Clone section”. When you select this, a new page called “Room (2)” will be created and you can now enter data for this new section. You can repeat this as many times as you want.

clone section on mobile