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Report Details for the Form

On the “Forms” tab when you mouseover the form and click on the “Report Detail” icon “Report details for the Form - <Your Name form>” is displayed.
Here you can see the members and the Response names. 
At this point you will need to approve or reject the content of the forms before displaying this information to your client.
All the results are not approved by default. You can approve submitted results by clicking on the grey checkmark or reject the results by clicking the grey close symbol. This is used for controlling what your client will eventually see.
Client will see results only after they are approved by you the exports will also be empty.

On the right hand side there are icons, by clicking on these icons you can show filters, edit the form, archive the form and export all Responses (based on current filter) to PDF or excel.

Clicking on a row allows you to see the details of an event. On the left hand side there is an eye icon, clicking on the eye icon allows you to enable or disable visibility of the field value for client. This can be used as an example for some inappropriate answers that you do not wish your client to see.

Report Details for the Form

Report Details for the Form


Files not received yet #

If you ever see this icon, it simply means that images that are attached to this response are due to be received, but are still to be uploaded via the responders device.

It usually means the responder has not had access to a wifi connection and are not allowing images to be transferred over a mobile connection. This can be because images are not uploaded via the mobile provider by default (this can be updated in the app settings).