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Using NestForms as an administrator you can create a form based on information you require from your colleagues or responders working on the ground. Your form response once completed by a responder is shared back to the account administrator immediately if online or later if the responder is offline. The administrator is able to edit any responses received. Responders can respond to the same form as many times as required. All forms and responses are securely stored when using the NestForms platform.  

In the screenshot below we can see the Forms list by clicking on "FORMS" in the main header. This page has two tabs which include: "My forms" which will list all  the forms you have created and own. The tab "Forms to fill" will list all forms that have been shared for completion, when they were created and number of fields.

The functions available for the page you are currently on are listed under the heading of the page panel. In this case "Forms List".

Clicking on the  “Create new Form” will take you to the Form Builder, a user friendly tool for creating forms.
For more information on creating forms please view our NestForms Help which will guide you step by step through the process.


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