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Forms are basic entity on the Nestforms. Each form represents non-limited stack of forms you would hand to your colleagues to work with. Unlike the printed forms, our forms can be edited after you have distributed them among you colleagues and can never be depleted. So people using these forms are limited only by their efford.

In the screenshot below we can see Forms list accesible by clicking "FORMS" in the main header. This page has two tabs: "My forms" will list all forms you created and own, tab "Forms to fill" will list all forms that has been shared with you to fill.

The functions available for page you are currently on are listed under the heading of page panel. In this case "Forms List".
Clicking on the  “Create new Form” will take you to Form Builder, easy-to-use tool for creating forms. If you will still have trouble using it or just want to explore the whole functionality, Help section will guide you through the process.

Forms list empty