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Administrator Form share

This feature will give you the option to allow a friend or associate to edit one of your forms or to approve responses to your form from other users.

Administrator Form Share is avaiable to Advanced & Premium users only.

In order to Share the administration of a form with your friend, just follow these simple steps.

  • Edit the form you wish to share
  • Click on Advanced Settings
  • Click to Share permissions button 

You should see a lightbox appear similar to when you are choosing which colleagues to share your survey forms with for their app.
The difference here is that you can click to different admin rights (or if you click to the colleague box, then all rights will be given to your friend).

There are two icons that represent the sharing permissions available:

  • Permission to edit the form including the ability to add new fields and manage the members that can collect data.
  • Permission to manage the responses including the response approvals and all export options.

If you decide later on that you wish to remove the permissions, just go back and deselect the icons.

Share permission Detail

After you have shared admin rights with your colleague, when your colleague logs into the Nest Forms website, they will see a new tab in the forms list called Shared Forms, where they will be able to manage the form or manage the results in the same way you (as the form owner) can.

Shared forms list