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Data collection using our Android form app and iOS form app

How does data collection work with NestForms?

The NestForms mobile form app assists central administrators with seamless and real time data collection from colleagues or responders working on the ground. 

Data is collected when you share your survey form with your responders, also known as relations. Your responders will be able to view your form when they login to either our Android form app, iOS form app and also in the browser. 

Don’t worry about how to do all of this, as it will be explained very soon. Just remember once a responder is logged in, they can fill out as many copies of the form as required.

All the completed forms, called responses are sent back to you and you can view and track all the responses coming in. How you can manage, disseminate, integrate and present data is described in further detail throughout the NestForms help pages. 

How do I start?

This depends on whether you want to have data collected by responders on the ground or if you want to collect it yourself.  

In the first case you will have to prepare your form by selecting question components designed to capture data quickly and efficiently. In previous chapters you have learned how to create a form and now it’s time to put it into action. You can now share the form with your employees or responders who will be collecting data for you. From now on the ball is on their side of the court and you can relax. Or you can grab a smartphone with our app installed and head into the field to assist your colleagues with data collection.

In the second case, this depends whether you need to collect data on the move, or if you are happy enough to fill out forms in your office. If you are happy with staying by your desktop computer you can simply fill in the forms via your browser.

Sometimes you will need to collect important data from people at different locations. But don’t worry, because there’s an app for that! Download our android form app or iOS form app from Google play or AppStore and login once you have it.

Learn more about filling the form on the next page Introduction to the App.